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Internationals in Finance – Finansforbundet in Denmark

A network for internationally oriented, English-speaking employees working in the financial sector. You will be part of a network with like-minded people who, like you, are looking for social and professional sparring to promote success in their work life.

The purpose of the network is to connect international employees across the financial sector in a community that inspires success at work. It is a network, where you will be challenged and inspired, both professionally and personally – and, at the same time, you will have the opportunity to expand your social network.

The network is created by and for internationally-oriented employees, in collaboration with Finansforbundet. This means that a volunteer board, consisting of employees with an international background, helps run and develop the network, thus ensuring that the initiatives are relevant for you. As a member, you can also help determine the themes as well as the networking activities that will be held.

ThursdayBar every month

Once a month we invite to ThursdayBar - a social event where you can meet and mingle with other international employees from the financial world.

Next event is Thursday June the 22th and will be an outdoor BBQ.

We are getting the practical stuff in place, but if you can't wait to register, please write an email to

We meet in person and online

  • Professional events about Culture at Danish workplaces, Career, work-life balance and the role of unions
  • Debates about Diversity and Inclusion
  • Social networking events
  • Festive events such as Midsummer and Christmas’ bingo
  • Monthly social gathering at a bar or café Downtown Copenhagen

Join us at LinkedIn

Share your ideas and join us on LinkedIn

Register on our open LinkedIn page, Network for International Members. If you have ideas about events you would like to participate in, you are welcome to share your ideas on LinkedIn to team up with a partner or send an email to

Join us at LinkedIn

Internationals in Finance – Finansforbundet in Denmark

Network creator, Karina Guldberg, gives a presentation of the network and its purpose.