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Get support for your next study event

Are you a student who wants to organise an activity for you and your fellow students? Yes? Right now you can apply for support from Finansforbundet’s event pool.

The event pool is for students attending an education with focus on the financial sector. This could be financial business administration, economics, business courses, IT courses, and project management. The good news is that you can apply even if you are already a part of a student association or network.

What can I get support for?

Here are a couple of examples of events you could get support for: It might be that you want to hire an exciting speaker. Or maybe you want to invite former students to talk about how they landed their dream job. It could also be a discussion meeting on mental health, equality, or sustainability where students can meet across disciplines.

We support everything from network meetings and discussion events to company visits, conferences, and other professional activities. The question is more: What do you want to put together?

Apply for support via this link

How do you assess the applications?

We assess your application based on these criteria:

  • To what extent does the event have content that is about student life, work life, or the labour market
  • Number of participants – we prefer to support as many as possible
  • We expect you to put Finansforbundet’s logo on information and marketing materials (e.g. “supported by Finansforbundet”)
  • You must provide a brief report on the event after it has been held.
  • We expect you to market and share images etc. from events on your SoMe channels.

When should I submit the application?

There is an ongoing application deadline until the fund expires. This means that we also assess applications on an ongoing basis. The deadlines are always the first of every month – and we promise that all applicants will receive an answer.

How is the support paid?

You can get the money from the activity pool paid out before the event so you don’t have to make large outlays yourself. We can make arrangements as needed. All expenses must be documented and recorded in your budget.

Why are you so generous to students?

Finansforbundet is a trade union for employees in the financial sector. We like to support student-run activities because academic and social events strengthen the community and the student environment and contribute to a smooth transition from student life to the labour market and jobs.

What if I have questions?

You are very welcome to contact our project manager Christina Madsen if you have any questions – or if anything at all is unclear. You can get a hold of her at:


Mobile: 20 45 34 88


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