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Personal Data Policy

This personal data policy is intended for members and other external stakeholders to provide insight into what data Finansforbundet collects, why it is collected and what it is used for.

Finansforbundet is responsible for the data we collect and process: Finansforbundet, Applebys Plads 5, 1411 København K, CVR 15320613.

If you have questions, or would like to know more than you can find the answers to below, please contact Finansforbundet’s data controller:

Attorney Mette H. Schousboe
phone: 3266 1418

For non-members and partners

Why we process your personal data

We process personal data that you have provided us in connection with your contact with Finansforbundet. This could be in connection with you signing up for a newsletter, using our payroll calculator, participating in a survey or contacting an employee of Finansforbundet by email.

In this context, we process the following personal data:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number

You can read more in Finansforbundet’s privacy and cookie policy.

For members

Why we process your personal data

We process your personal data to be able to protect your interests in all respects as a professional organisation. This applies when we register your payment of membership fees, prepare analyses and surveys, and when you use our membership offers, e.g. get advice on your employment conditions, participate in events and receive our newsletters. For newsletters, we also collect information about whether the newsletter was opened, as well as which news articles you have read, in order to improve and target the content to you and keep statistics.

The personal data we process has been provided to us by you or, e.g. your union representative or employer in connection with your membership in Finansforbundet.

We process this personal data:

  • Name, ID and member number
  • Private address, private phone number and private email
  • Workplace information, including your work email and phone number
  • Job title
  • Information about membership in Finansforbundet.

If you receive legal assistance in connection with a case related to your employment conditions, we may also process personal data on race or ethnicity, health information, criminal convictions and offenses, as well as sexual orientation.

We do not disclose personal data without a reason
We only disclose personal data to companies, organisations, lawyers, public authorities and individuals outside Finansforbundet when there is reason to do so. This happens in the following cases:

      • For legal reasons: We disclose personal data to companies, organisations, lawyers and public authorities if it is necessary to
        • comply with collective agreement or legislation
        • safeguard your vital interests  
        • safeguard Finansforbundet’s legitimate activities as a professional organisation
        • or if it is connected with a legal claim.
      • With your consent: We disclose your personal data if you have given your consent. For example, this could be for the use of E-Boks so that you can receive important information, or it could be information about food allergies to a course site.

You can read more in Finansforbundet’s privacy and cookie policy.

For everyone

You decide about your personal information

The General Data Protection Regulation guarantees you the right to:

  • get insight into the personal data we have about you, though with certain statutory exceptions
  • object to us collecting and processing your data.
  • demand that we delete, block or correct the information.
  • get the data you have provided us delivered in a machine-readable format and to have your data sent to another data controller.
  • revoke the consents you have given. If you do, we will delete your data unless we can continue to process it on other grounds. Under “My page”, you can view and change your consent yourself.

If you want insight or want to correct your personal data, you can contact us at the email address or at phone number 32 96 46 00.

You can also read more in the Danish Data Protection Agency’s guidelines on the rights of data subjects. And remember that you can complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency if you do not believe that we are processing your personal data in accordance with applicable law.

We take care of your personal data

We delete (or anonymise) personal data on an ongoing basis when we no longer need to process it to fulfil one or more of the purposes we have mentioned in this policy.

We always work to protect Finansforbundet and the personal data we store from unauthorised access, being changed, or being published or destroyed.

Amongst other things, we have ensured that we have:

  • Antivirus on all the IT systems that process personal data.
  • Backup of all the IT systems that process personal data.
  • Industry-typical IT systems to handle the activities.
  • Access restriction on personal data so that employees only have access when necessary.
  • Data processor agreements with suppliers who process personal data on our behalf.
  • Confidentiality statements from the employees who need to process personal data.
  • Guidelines on secure processing of personal data and information assets for members who have access to information systems.
  • Risk assessments and documentation of all the systems that process personal data so that we can ensure an informed basis for the level of security.
If we change the personal data policy

It may happen that we need to change our personal data policy. However, we do not restrict your rights in relation to the personal data policy without your express consent.

If we change the personal data policy, you can read it here on the page. If the changes are significant, we will make this known in a more conspicuous way, e.g. sending an email.